About Us

If you love your work so much that it doesn’t feel like work, do it with all you heart and let people know it through your character!

Since 1989 D&K electric with President David Krug has been and always will do our best. I am passionate about the quality and level of service D&K Electric provides not some of the time, but all of the time! We strive to consistently exceed our customer’s expectations and are proud to receive nearly all of our work by word of mouth and recommendation. We are highly qualified experts in our field who ensure we deliver the highest level of technical expertise as well as a quick and efficient work rate which gives excellent value for money.

We are organized and committed to ensuring maximum efficiency by ensuring we have the best tools, equipment, and appropriate materials to complete planned jobs on time and to budget. Our communication is second to none ensuring disruption to your home and work is kept to a minimum and for as little time as possible by working to a strict schedule and working in partnership with other trades when it comes to new construction.

More importantly though, as a husband, and homeowner I understand all of the concerns and fears you may have when undertaking any job and especially when you are looking to hire a professional when it comes to electrical and HVAC work. We are dedicated to working with customers and other trades alike to make sure your wishes and really your overall vision is fulfilled, the best advice is given and an arm put around an inexperienced shoulder to get the results you want, rather than what is quickest and easiest for us!

Everyone I employ has the same commitment to putting the customer first and is proud to display the shared values we display at D&K Electric.

We look forward to sharing your vision and bringing you the best service possible.

David Krug


Two male electricians in purple uniforms looking down providing service to a generator